Lancaster University Underwater Hockey: We play Hockey underwater!!

Try Something New!


It's likely that you have never played Octopush before, you've probably never even heard of it! Octopush, or underwater hockey is a fun and exciting sport that you are sure to enjoy. University is about taking all the opportunities available to you and trying new things so join the Stingrays and give Octopush a go!

Join in now!


Membership is £45 a year and this includes membership to the British Octopush Association (BOA) (this comes with a range of benefits) as well as our hire of the pool and full use of all the equipment you will need to play.


Before joining, come to a taster session. Taster sessions cost £2.



Whilst we are a very friendly group of people, we are also competitive and like to take part in various competitions throughout the year! The main ones being NATIONALS and ROSES of course!

What is Underwater Hockey?